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Since 2012 we have generated over +10.000.000€ in ROAS for over +120 Brands like ...

Our AdsAccelerator Program helps Facebook & Instagram Advertisers all over Europe to maximize their ROAS with our unique Full-Funnel Strategy.

Meet our Managing Director, Patrick Wind Forbes30u30

Austrian Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert with 8 years of experience and over €3,000,000+ of Ad Spend. University Professor of TOP Universities in Barcelona like La Salle, IESE, ESADE, EU & Toulouse Business School and at WU Vienna.


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Success Stories

With our AdsAccelerator Program we help our students to improve the performance of their Facebook & Instagram Ads exponentially.

Until today our Full-Funnel Strategy helped to sell over 5,500+ sunglasses, 2,800+ watches, 1,750+ shirts, 1,200+ bracelets, 900+ earrings, 400+ swim-trunks and even entire MBA-Programs.

Meet our happy customers who increased their Profits already.

Meet our Happy Customers

Facebook Ads Blog

Every week we publish updates from the Facebook Headquarters in Dublin written directly by Patrick Wind or a AdsAccelerator Mentor. 

You will find unique insights on Scaling Strategies, Bid Optimizations and other Tricks to improve your Campaign Performance.

Our blog provides you with insights that you are cannot find somewhere else on the internet because we truly believe that:


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AdsAccelerator Team

Patrick Wind is the Founder of the AdsAccelerator Program and has gathered the greatest Digital Marketers for this project.

Together they have developed the legendary Full-Funnel Strategy based on 10,000 AB-Tests and €3,000,000+ of Investment

To ensure the highest level of quality, several of the most important Industry Leaders have been involved as Strategic Advisors. 

All of them have brought their Advanced Know-how & Experience together in this wonderful project so that you can benefit from their unique Strategies to grow your Business!

Meet the AdsAccelerator Team

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