How to earn over 10.000€ each month as a Digital Marketer with our AdsAccelerator Academy?

Listen to some of our happy students to find it out! 

Christopher Lewis, Facebook Ads Freelancer

"Joining the Program was the best choice in my business... actually in LIFE! Before that I worked 9to5 wanting to spend time with my son while building a solid business. Couple of months later I'm overwhelmed with the amount of Ad Accounts that I'm running right now. Now I'm scaling my agency!"


This is how we Structure the 8 Weeks:

Over 16 Hours of Content, Tools & Checklists | Last Update: June 2020

1.1 Bring FOCUS to your Life

1.2 Happiness is the key to your long-term success!

1.3 Define your "Big Five for Life" [Activity]

1.4 How to live a happy Relationship as an Entrepreneur?

1.5 Create your own Vision Board [Activity]

1.6 Top 5 Books for Entrepreneurs

1.7 Discover and Enhance your Unique Skills [Activity]

1.8 Alpha Waves & 432 Hertz Concentration Music

1.9 Create your Action Plan for the next Weeks & Months [Activity] 

1.10 List of Useful Tools for your Daily Work 

1.11 Realize the 16-Personalities Test [Activity] 

1.12 Use Blue Light Lenses (=Computer Glasses)

Q&A Session with a Mentor

2.1 Define your Buyer Persona, Industry & Channel

2.2 Why should you focus on Facebook & Instagram Ads?

2.3 Share your Specialization with the World

2.4 Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Expert Authority

2.5 Which Services should you include in your Offer?

2.6 Create your Irresistible Offer with our Templates

2.7 How much should you charge your different Clients?

2.8 Free Trial Method to gain Testimonials, Referrals & Renewals

2.9 Work Part-Time to gain Experience & Reputation

2.10 Gain Experience with our Partner Agencies

2.11 Promote your Services in our Job Platform 

2.12 Our 3 Templates for your Invoices 

2.13 Update your Action Plan [Activity]

Q&A Session with a Mentor

3.1 Build your Referral Partner Network based on Commissions

3.2 Your Hunting Plan for 70 new Leads every day!

3.3 LinkedIn: Connections in Schools and Groups with the Right Message & Bots

3.4a How to Download your LinkedIn Contacts? 

3.4b When and how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

3.5 Facebook: Value Posts, Stories & Comments in your Groups

3.6 Instagram: Follow, Engage, Hashtags, Direct Messages & Live

3.7 Find Leads with Ploxia's Instagram Bot

3.8 eMail Hunting for your Database 

3.9 Audit their FB Ads Library, Funnels & Website to add Value 

3.10 Convert your Leads to Clients with our Sales Script 

3.11 Client Onboarding Survey 

3.12 Templates for your Contracts 

3.13 Update your Action Plan [Activity]

Q&A Session with a Mentor

4.1 Generate great Results with your Ads for your Clients

4.2 Campaigns for your Local Business Clients

4.3 Funnels to Promote Events with Facebook Ads

4.4 Lead Generation Funnel with FB Ads

4.5 Top 5 Hacks to sell Infoproducts

4.6 Retargeting Funnels for Infoproducts, Events & Leads

4.7 10-Step National & International Scaling Plan 

4.8 Full-Funnel Dashboard Analysis 

4.9 Optimize their Website Conversion Rate 

4.10 Advanced FB Support Resources 

4.11 Schedule a Call with an Official Facebook Representative 

4.12 Refresh your KnowHow

4.13 Update your Action Plan [Activity]

Q&A Session with a Mentor

5.1 Introduction to the World of Omnichannel Marketing

5.2 Setup your Account for YouTube & Google Ads

5.3 YouTube Ads: Create your First Campaign (Step-by-Step)

5.4 YouTube Ads: Optimize the Banner of your Ads

5.5 YouTube Ads: Find Thousands of profitable Audiences

5.6 YouTube Ads: Create your Retargeting Campaigns

5.7 Google Search: Convert your low-hanging Fruits

5.8 Google Display: Retarget your Leads everywhere 

5.9 Google SEO: Guide for Search Engine Optimization 

5.10 LinkedIn Ads: Campaign Manager, Ad Types & Audiences 

5.11 LinkedIn Ads: Step-by-Step Guide for your first Campaigns 

5.12a Taboola Ads: Native Advertising via their Display Network 

5.12b Taboola Ads: Create Retargeting Native Ads 

5.13 Snapchat Ads: Impact your younger and female Audience 

5.14 TikTok Ads: Use the Momentum to be a First-Mover 

5.15 Chatbot Ads: How to set up your First Chatbot in 20min 

5.16 Chatbot Ads: Advanced Settings & Automation Sequences 

5.17 Update your Action Plan [Activity]

Q&A Session with a Mentor

6.1 Top10 Marketing Automations for your Funnels

6.2 Automated Webinar Funnels with EverWebinar

6.3 Use our Template with 350 Slides for your Webinars

6.4 eMail Automation Funnel for Pre & Post Webinar (15 eMails)

6.5 ClickFunnels: Create your Webinars & Funnels

6.6 Top7 Hacks to create physical Speaker Events (Offline Funnel)

6.7 Three Proven Funnels to Promote Events

6.8 Organic Gamification Funnel for High Engagement & Low CPMs

6.9 Tag-a-Friend Strategy: 56k Views & 1k Comments in only 24 Hours

6.10 Chatbot Ads: How to setup your First Chatbot in 20min

6.11 Chatbot Ads: Advanced Settings & Automation Sequences

6.12 Offer Down- & Upsells to increase the Lifetime Value

6.13a Downsell Strategy #1: Fractioning of Price

6.13b Downsell Strategy #2: One-Time-Offer for Upgrade

6.14a Upsell Strategy #1: Individual Campaign Audit

6.14b Upsell Strategy #2: Physical 3-Day Workshop

6.14c Upsell Strategy #3: Next Level Formation

6.15 Update your Action Plan [Activity]

Q&A Session with a Mentor

7.1 Let's analyze the Brand "Patrick Wind"

7.2 Define the Story of your Personal Brand [Activity]

7.3 The Hero's Journey of Patrick Wind

7.4 Create your own Hero's Journey [Activity]

7.5 Top3 Strategies to increase your IG followers organically

7.6 Optimize your IG Bio and dominate IGTV

7.7 Use Merchandising for your Personal Brand

7.8 Create Business Cards for your Offline Authority

7.9 Update your Action Plan [Activity]

Q&A Session with a Mentor

8.1 Benefit from Joint Ventures to reach new Audiences

8.2 Participate in YouTube & Podcast Interviews

8.3 Become Keynote Speaker & University Professor [Activity]

8.4 Write your Own Book to become an Industry Reference

8.5 Create your own Stickers, Memes, Gifs

8.6: You need better Fotos & Videos [Activity]

8.7 AdsAccelerator MasterMind

Q&A Session with a Mentor

24/7 Support during 1 year

Your success is our mission. Therefore we provide you with Coaching & 24/7 Support with Patrick and his team of Mentors via our exclusive Facebook Group. In this group you will be able to post all your questions to receive individual feedback & help whenever you need us.

Weekly Coaching Calls

With our 12 week program you WILL be successful. To guarantee that, we will even realize weekly group calls. In the next edition these calls will be held with Patrick Wind directly. Later on these calls will be held with a mentor of the team. 

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Checkout our Academy program in more Detail!

Bonus 1: Find Jobs on our Alumni Platform

Knowing that many of our students also offer their services as Digital Marketing Freelancers we give you the unique possibility to promote yourself on our main page. Moreover, we also direct several Leads each day that request Campaign Management & Consulting directly to our Academy Alumni to make sure that you get new clients each month

Bonus 2: Tools, Checklists & Contract Templates

In order to apply all the KnowHow from our Program to your actual campaigns, you will be able to download our Advanced Tools & Checklists. For example you will get the unique AB Testing and the Full-Funnel Benchmark Excel as well as Checklists for better copywriting, ad design and to fight creativity fatigue on a daily & weekly basis. 

Bonus 3: Facebook Ads Bible (131 pages eBook)

Master the Facebook & Instagram Algorithm to run highly profitable Ads every month and scale them internationally with our unique Full-Funnel Strategy. To get all of this advanced knowledge we will provide you with Patrick Wind's Best Selling eBook "Facebook Ads Bible"

Bonus 4: Patrick Wind Personal Brand Guide

Come to our Facebook & Instagram Ads Masterclass in Barcelona with Patrick Wind and connect with hundreds of other motivated and successful entrepreneurs from our Program. If you cannot join physically we always host a LiveStream which you can access from everywhere around the world.

Bonus 5: Keynote Speeches & Interviews 2020

Over 4 hours of additional content is waiting for you in this amazing bonus. Go really deep with the advanced knowledge that Patrick shares during his Keynote Speeches in Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Viena & Frankfurt. Plus you will also get his interviews with Sam Ovens, Nick Hauser, Judit Catalá, Joan Boluda as well as IEBS & ESADE Business School.

Bonus 6: Certificate & Lifetime Access

After completing our Program successfully you will receive our official certificate with your name in order to demonstrate, that you have acquired a new and highly advanced skillset. In order to apply all the KnowHow from the Program in the long-run, you will get Lifetime Access to all the Videos, Tools & Checklists as well as immediate access to all the updates, to stay upfront in the long-run.

Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful.

AdsAcceleratorTM Academy

 • 8 Week Training Program

 • 24/7 Support via Facebook

 • Weekly Coaching Calls

 • Job Platform for Alumni

 • Tools, Checklists & Contracts

 • Facebook Ads Bible eBook

 • Patrick Wind Personal Brand Guide

 • Keynote Speeches & Interviews

 • Certificate & Lifetime Access

Learn the exact Strategies that helped Patrick to work with over 120+ Brands like ...

... and that brought him in this year's Forbes 30under30 List in Europe!

Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful

AdsAcceleratorTM Academy

 • 8 Week Training Program

 • 24/7 Support via Facebook

 • Weekly Coaching Calls

 • Job Platform for Alumni

 • Tools, Checklists & Contracts

 • Facebook Ads Bible eBook

 • Patrick Wind Personal Brand Guide

 • Keynote Speeches & Interviews

 • Certificate & Lifetime Access

Warning! We only accept applications until...









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