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International Facebook Ads Expert & Founder of


Patrick Wind is an Austrian Facebook Ads Expert and the founder of AdsAccelerator. His Full-Funnel Strategy has generated over €10,000,00 with Facebook & Instagram Ads for over 120+ different eCommerce Brands all over Europe since 2012.


Patrick Wind's AdsAccelerator Story

Hi, I’m Patrick Wind and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up in Austria in a normal, blue-collar, working-class family and I didn’t know anything else. I was taught to keep my head down and pursue the traditional white-collar path of university and then into a corporate job.

However, I had to find out that the corporate world is really not what made me happy in life, so I quit and entered the exiting startup environment where I learned everything about Facebook & Instagram Ads.

All of this know-how then helped me to successfully found with my team of 6 motivated friends and colleagues and over €10,000,000 in generated Online Sales. But let’s tell the full story step-by-step.

Managing Director: Patrick Wind

Austrian Facebook Ads Expert with 6 years of experience and 3 Million € invested since 2012. Patrick loves to shares his Know-How and therefore started to teach at the WU Vienna, TBS Barcelona & EU Business School Barcelona as a University Professor for Digital Marketing.


AdsAccelerator Team

This ambitious group of highly talented Digital Marketers is always hungry to find the next big Performance Marketing Opportunity for you to scale your business expontentially with our help.

Strategic Advisors

Without the help of these very special Ladies and Gentlemen the AdsAccelerator Program would not be what it is today. Over the past years they have added substantial value to our development with their strategic advice and operative help when needed. Thank you!


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