Workshop of Patrick Wind

Join Europe's #1 Marketing MasterMind for our Workshop in Barcelona (May 4-7, 2023) to boost your business to the next level!


Our Workshop is perfect for:

Do you still work with small clients that cause you a lot of work but do not even pay you that well? ... and you are doing "a bit of everything" for all different types of clients?

Join our Workshop in Barcelona to finally make more money each month (with bigger clients) while working fewer hours each week (thanks to your systems).

Your ROAS has dropped a lot after iOS14? Your Facebook Ads are not working anymore, and you haven't found another channel to scale your business in 2023?

Join our Workshop in Barcelona to finally scale your business internationally. Enjoy direct access to the most brilliant marketers in Europe and benefit from unique synergies with other high-level entrepreneurs.

What is included?

Learn from Europe’s leading experts for performance marketing and agency scaling. Benefit from their personal advice within a small group of other advanced Marketers. 

To guarantee your maximum level of networking during the workshop, we will also organize unforgettable lunch, dinner and party experiences in Barcelona. 

Get unlimited access to our legendary Facebook & Instagram Ads Accelerator Program as well as all replays from previous workshops.

Checkout the Replays of our past Workshops in Tenerife, Kulmbach, Barcelona & Ibiza!


Unforgettable Experiences

Additionally to the great content our workshops also offer unique networking moments like at a pirate boat, enjoying the beach or even participating at an arm-wrestling battle.

High-Level Networking

Watch our Opening Ceremony in Ibiza with Chris Erthel (AdWorld), Sergi Benet (Meller), Yan Vispo (eCom World), Jaime Pazmiño (AdWorld), Nacho Muñoz (EXMA) plus a live concert from Anxo Pérez (8Belts)




Wanna join us in Barcelona? 

This is an exclusive high-ticket workshop for successful marketers & entrepreneurs.

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