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Since 2012 we have generated over €10,000,000+ in Online Sales for more than 120 Businesses like ...

Meet our Managing Director, Patrick Wind


Full-Funnel Strategy

Since 2012 our program has helped over 120+ eCommerce Startups in Europe to lower their Cost per Purchase and then increase their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) wildly.

We do this by teaching the exact method that Patrick Wind & his Team have developed together with the Facebook Headquarters in Dublin over the past 6 years.

This famous Full-Funnel Strategy has already generated over 10.4 Million Euro for different eCommerce Ad Accounts and will definitely also help you to increase your Sales & Profits with your Online Store.

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Our Success Stories

Over the past 6 years we have improved the Facebook Ads of over 120+ eCommerce Startups all over Europe. 

Until today our Full-Funnel Strategy helped to sell over 5,500+ sunglasses, 2,800+ watches, 1,750+ shirts, 1,200+ bracelets, 900+ earrings, 400+ swim-trunks and even entire MBA-Programs.

Meet our happy customers who increased their Profits with our unique Program.

Meet our Happy Customers

Our Team

Patrick Wind is the Founder of the AdsAccelerator Program and has gathered the greatest Digital Marketing Talents for this project.

Together they have developed the legendary Full-Funnel Strategy which is based on over 10,000 AB-Tests and 3 Million Euro of Investment

To ensure the highest level of quality, several of the most important Industry Leaders have been involved as Strategic Advisors. 

All of them have brought their Advanced Know-how & Experience together in this wonderful project so that you can benefit from their unique Strategies to grow your Business!

Meet the AdsAccelerator Team


Since 2012 our program has helped over 120+ eCommerce Startups in Europe to increase their Profits by generating over 10.4 Million Euro in Sales.

"Patrick knows more about Facebook Ads than all their Key Account Managers together!"

Marta Masachs

"Finally I got my first profitable month of Facebook Ads. Now I’m ready to scale internationally!"

Angel Pachón Cortijo

"These guys really know what they talk about. Their Full-Funnel Strategy is based on many years of experience and over 10,000 A/B Tests!"

Montse Miró

"Patrick is one of the few experts I trust with my credit card to spend >10k € per day on Facebook Ads."

Oscar Nieto

"This program really works!!! The Tools & Checklists of Patrick are worth gold and the key to our success! "

Barbara Malet

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