Academy Alumni

Facebook Ads Experts who went through our Advanced Training & Formation and now offer their Services to you as Freelancers.


Meet our Freelancers

Only the best students from our Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads Program get the possibility to promote their services as Academy Alumni. They work as Digital Marketing Freelancers and can help you to carry out your Performance Marketing campaigns.

Manuel José Miñano, Alicante

Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert who offers his services as consultant as well as an outstanding campaign manager, if you want to outsource your performance marketing.

Expertise: Facebook & Instagram Ads + Entrepreneurship

[email protected]

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Patricia Carrasco, Barcelona

Our most creative and hard-working alumni Patricia, has already demonstrated several times that she is the guarantee for high ROAS Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns for eCommerce as well as Lead Generators.

Expertise: High ROAS Facebook & Instagram Ads for eCommerce & Lead Generation

[email protected]

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Adrian Shiel, London

Coming from a senior management position in large multinational FMCG companies, Adrian decided to change to world to the better, by offering his extended know-how and experience as a business coach and Social Paid Media consultant.  

Expertise: Facebook & Instagram Ads Management & Business Consulting

Facebook Ads Management Service

[email protected]

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Maxwell Nee, Australia

Maxwell is out student & alumni from the other side of the planet, where he helps local businesses, eCommerce & lead generators to fulfill & exceed their sales targets each month.

Expertise: Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Google Analytics

Facebook Ads Management Service

[email protected]

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Cesc Alsina, Barcelona

With over 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry (Media Markt & PDPaola) Cesc will help you to carry out your Facebook Ads at the highest level.

Expertise: Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Google Analytics

Team Member

[email protected]

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Marc Puig, Manresa

Having the honor of working with Cesc in PDPaola, Marc founded his own agency to consults eCommerce companies all over Spain with their digital marketing campaign as well as their Amazon performance. 

Expertise: Facebook Ads, eMail Marketing & Amazon PPC

Team Member

[email protected]

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Dot Lung, Barcelona

One of Europe's greatest experts when it comes to Organic Social Media Marketing. Her legendary event campaigns gather each month thousand of interested people all over the world. 

Expertise: Social Media & Event Marketing

[email protected]

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Chris Sacher, Vienna

Being one of Patrick's closet's friends and mentors, Chris has not online designed the AdsAccelerator brand but over 10 of his own highly successful internet startups. His a true genius in persuasion and branding.

Expertise: Branding & Persuasion

[email protected]

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Luca Istrice, Zurich

Relate is Switzerlands's number 1 eCommerce & Shopify Agency with a strong ambition to scale online sales with the help of Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads. 

Expertise: eCommerce & Shopify

Relate eCommerce Agentur

[email protected]

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Andor Kosa, Stuttgart

Andor runs Facebook & Instagram Ads on high-scale for international eCommerce companies where he helps them not only to become profitable but also to scale their sales exponentially. 

Expertise: Facebook & Instagram Ads for eCommerce

[email protected]

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Andreas Belocerkov, Cologne

Voted the Growth Champ companies 2018 by the Financial Times Andreas and his team from BuddiesMedia truly make an impact in the growth for dozens of eCommerce as well as Personal Brands with Influencer Marketing, Facebook Ads & Funnels.

Expertise: Influencer Markting, Facebook Ads & Funnels for eCommerce & Personal Brands

[email protected]

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Julián Serrano, Barcelona

After working 6 years in the gaming industry (Social Point), Julián founded his own eCommerce company and truly mastered the Facebook Ads game for both industries. 

Expertise: Facebook Ads for App Intalls & eCommerce

Success Story

Juliá[email protected]

Contact Julián

Yuliya Martynova, Berlín

I help real estate agents to exceed their sales targets in the shortest possible time month after month. Mother of a 3-years old daughter.
Expertise: Facebook Ads & Funnels for Real Estate Agents and Companies.

[email protected]

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