Join Europe’s #1 MasterMind to multiply your revenue x3 while working 3 hours less each day thanks to your systems, personal brand & network!

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Our MasterMind is for ...

Marketing Agencies, Freelancer & Entrepreneurs that want to earn more money each month while working fewer hours each day. To achieve this we will improve 5 areas of your life and your business:

#1 Mindset & Productivity: Stop working on the weekends! Create a business that gives you freedom and that does not consume all your free hours while you do not earn what you really deserve at the end of the month!

#2 Capture more and better clients: Do you work with small clients that cause you a lot of work and don't pay you well either? It's time to change it and win over category A customers! You will have your own great customer acquisition funnels!

#3 Create Systems that work for you: Are you still doing "a bit of everything" for many different types of clients? You lack SOPs and processes to deliver the service. You will be with the best marketers in Europe to generate great results.

#4 Your successful Personal Brand: Presentations, strong Social Networks and many followers. Your strong personal brand will help you become a benchmark in the sector and thus generate inbound business.

#5 High-level Networking: Join our MasterMind to finally play in the first division of entrepreneurs in Spain. We are waiting for you in our family!

How do we achieve all of that?

Learn from Europe’s #1 Professor for Facebook & Instagram Ads and get his personal advice for your Business in Weekly Coaching Calls within a small group of other advanced Marketers. 

To guarantee your maximum progress with our MasterMind, you benefit from an individual mentor who accompanies you throughout the process. You are going to realize 2 individual mentoring sessions each month.

During this exclusive coaching program you will have direct access to Patrick, his mentors and the other MasterMind members in a private 24/7 support WhatsApp group.

Get unlimited lifetime access to our legendary Facebook & Instagram Ads Accelerator Program & the Academy, all replays from previous MasterClasses, Omnichannel Mastery and much more.

Meet Patrick and the other members in person during your unique trip to Barcelona for the 2-day workshop. Benefit from advanced KnowHow, hacks and exclusive networking.

The Story behind our MasterMind

Learn the true story how everything has started in Ibiza in July 2021...




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