Success Stories

Our unique Program has helped over 120+ Brands to scale their Online Sales exponentially in a predictable way.


Meet our Happy Students

Over the past years we have improved the Ad Performance of over 120+ different Brands all over Europe. Here are some of our happy students who lowered their Cost per Purchase and increased their Return on Ad Spend with our Program.

Eric André, Co-Founder

Jamie Looks is a fashion eyewear eCommerce startup led by McKinsey & BCG alums and accomplished entrepreneurs from Copenhagen.


Julian Serrano, Co-Founder

FeelTattoo is Spains number 1 eCommerce for temporary tattoos with a strong focus on Performance Marketing via Facebook & Instagram Ads.


Davorin David, Recruiter

Recruitment Expert at Teach For Austria who lowered his Cost per Lead for each Job Applicant with our Full-Funnel Strategy.


Tim Lorenz, Co-Founder

RosenStaub is a fashion eCommerce from Germany with over 12 years of tradition and a physical presence in over 30 stores.


Han Bruers, Co-Founder

DAPHNY RAES is a Dutch eCommerce for Luxury Leather Handbags. With our Program they successfully entered 7 new European markets.


Angel Pachón, Co-Founder

Rocketsco is a bracelet eCommerce startup with trendy accessories that complement the wardrobe in the day to day. They are based in Barcelona.


Gaspi Montllonch, Founder

Digital Taktik is Barcelona based Marketing and Advertising Agency focused on Performance Marketing via Facebook & Instagram Ads for Lead Generators.


Andor Kosa, Real Estate Lead Generator

Based on the KnowHow of our Program, Andor built his own Freelance Business generating Real Estate Leads for his Clients.


Vasilij Brandt, Co-Founder

Nordgreen is a watch eCommerce startup with minimalistic Scandinavian Bang & Olufsen design based in Copenhagen.


Philipp Klönne, Facebook Ads Consultant

Sells his Advanced Knowledge about the Full-Funnel Strategy, Placements, Budgeting & the AIDA Principle as Facebook Ads Consultant.


Borja Durán, Co-Founder

MobilePower is a tech eCommerce startup with smart backpacks and speakers. Based in Barcelona.


Mathias, Head of Marketing @Zeitgeist

After 10 years in the Marketing Industry and several Two Comma Awards, Mathias joined our program to accelerate his agency to the next level.


Thomas Sagnier, eCommerce Manager @DiamondSupplyCo

DiamondSupplyCo is a US-based Skater Brand with over 20 years of tradition and over 1,500,000 Fans on Facebook.


Our Testimonials are all real customers and we are very proud that we could help them to scale their Business! 


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