1st of 5 steps to create interesting and engaging Instagram Stories

instagram stories steps Nov 24, 2019

We are happy to present you with a 5-week series of 1st of 5 steps to create interesting and engaging Instagram Stories. Let’s jump right into it with the content for this first week! 

Repetition is the mother of skill, so get used to it - Start using Instagram Stories during the day

Practice makes perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not making award-winning stories from day zero, it’s just not realistic. So… be realistic! Perfectionism at the beginning stages is a no-no.  Don’t let that stand between you, your business and potential subscribers and, hopefully, clients! Oh, you thought people don’t follow businesses. Now more or less 30% of most-viewed Stories are from businesses. Don’t know what to show on your Stories? No problem, here are some ideas to help you to become a true IG Storyteller Pro:

  • Be real and raw. Show parts of your business just how they really are. A sneak peek into the creative process, implementations of something new, and so on. People are craving for real things these days, and people notice when a person or a company is being genuine or not.
  • Have you ever made a customer? How many per day? How many potential testimonials are there? Use them! It’s a great social proof tool and its real sin not to make use of that.
  • Talk about your business story and its journey. How did it start? How it became what it is now? Fun facts, anecdotes… Don’t underestimate how interesting all those things can be for other people.
  • Show your products! It’s a great opportunity to talk about them and to explain to people what makes them so cool to use or to have. Just be careful not to be too look like the old school salesman making a sales pitch. That only recommendable with a very hot audience.
  • Give value. Do you know something that may help your audience and not hurt your business? Share it with them! Show them how to do it. First, give, then get.

That’s it for this week’s tips. Stay tuned for step 2!

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