How to use Facebook Groups for business 馃馃徎

community facebook group May 18, 2020

Facebook groups are a very powerful tool for creating communities of people who like our product/service, whether they are customers or prospects. 

Just in case - do not confuse Facebook Page with Facebook Group.

A Facebook page is the social face of our entity towards the rest of the people, a broadcasting channel of news and updates. Yes, there may be post-interaction between the page followers, but it's more of a side effect or secondary goal. 

A Facebook group has as its main objective the communication and interaction of the community, such as debates and exchange of opinions. In this case, the side effect is heated discussions, but that’s a different story for another time. 

As it is a direct communication channel with our audience, there are a number of things you can do to generate more value for the community and, therefore, your business.

How to take advantage of the Facebook Group for your business?

Summarized with a word? Interaction.

Speak to your...

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3 simple tips to improve your ad campaigns health 馃ウ馃馃ガ

ad campaign community mobile Mar 20, 2020

You could write an encyclopedia on all the things you can do to have better ad campaigns, but these 3 tips could easily make it into the top ones:

Capture your audience - have you noticed that many Instagram Influencers and YouTubers, when they are selling or promoting something, always seem to be very excited (sometimes too much)? Just in case, for the avoidance of doubt, if it is not clear with their tone of voice and body language, they say it openly 'super happy to show you X', 'very motivated to tell you about Y', ‘excited to share with you Z '…. etc. This is no coincidence as enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Your product or service may be the best in the world, but if you look boring and without energy when promoting it, we assure you that you are going to lose many potential sales. Of course, it should not be overdone either as the audience will notice the exaggeration and that is not good for business.

Mobile First mindset - nothing new, right? We hear it...

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