Collection Ads available on IG Feed and Stories

collection ads Dec 08, 2020

If you have an eCommerce, you probably already know how powerful Collection Ads are, both when leaving the reel product choice to the algorithm or playing with the lower slots in a deliberate way so they match the overall main image or video design.

Also, you were probably wondering how it was possible that this feature was not available on Instagram Ads. Well, not any longer! Go, take a look, and try them out today if possible.

As we think Collection ads need no introduction, we will just point out the 2 main differences in comparison to when they are used on Facebook Feed.

  1. On Facebook Feed you have 1 main cover + 4 products beneath it. On Instagram Feed it’s 1 cover + 3 products and on Instagram Stories it’s 1 cover + 2 products.
  2. While Facebook Feed uses both Headline and Primary text, Instagram Feed uses only Primary text and Instagram Stories uses only Headline text.

Remembering this stuff at the beginning can feel like a chore, so just check how the ads look like...

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