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ios14 Jun 01, 2021

Last week we talked about the audiences reduced by iOS14 and to whom this really affected. Today we're going to talk about the second effect - the collateral damage this reduction in audiences has caused to our campaigns:

Effect #2 - Reduced conversions

It is necessary to be aware that there are two types of reductions and that we know how to differentiate between them: the real and the fictitious.

The real reduction - a part of the conversions has been reduced by the erratic behavior of the Pixel in recent weeks.

Retargeting campaigns, which almost always tend to have higher ROAS than prospecting campaigns and where the Pixel is crucial, have dropped in performance.

We know from internal Facebook sources that they are having problems with the Pixel and that they are working on it.

Now, do not expect to find official news from Facebook about it. You will gradually notice the improvement in your own campaigns as long as you keep them running.

The fictitious reduction - another part of the conversions have been reduced only in appearance.

That is, we still have sales, and we still get leads, but in our ad manager's dashboard these conversions are not being recorded.

If everything is going as well as before, rejoice and keep up the good luck.

If you are noticing both of the things we have mentioned, and you have realized that the drop in conversions is mainly caused by the data coming from the retargeting campaigns, you may want to reduce your investment in it a little until the storm passes.

In any case, have you already installed the Conversion API? If you haven't done it yet, really, don't put it off any longer.

Do it this week and forget about this for a year or two. Not only will you take a load off your mind, but you will notice an improvement in results.

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