Lead Generation ads are now available in FB Messenger (without ManyChat)

Remember why you needed ManyChat? Good, you don’t need it anymore, nor anything that did a similar job - at least if Facebook does its job well.

It seems Facebook understood the power of automated questions and implemented that in their own chatting system, the Facebook Messenger. It does what you would expect a chatbot to do, but with the convenience of not having to look for third party providers. It even sends a reminder to people that have not completed the responding process, causing them to do so.

Businesses are seeing their results improved thanks to the immediate engagement with the users that contact them: bigger lead generation rates and higher lead resolve rates.

Just ask people around, what do they prefer: being called by phone by a salesman representative whenever those see fit or engage in a conversation whenever THEY see fit and ask whatever THEY want to ask. It gives them so much more power, control and time to think, that going back to using the phone is...

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