The remote work of the future 👩‍💻👨‍💻

From AdsAccelerator we observe that the crisis of the COVID-19 is supposing a radical change of mentality of the current businesses, having been practically forced to evolve to the remote work to be able to continue operating.

Such a change in behavior and needs always ends up either being compensated with new solutions and tools or by increasing the use of those already available on the market. In any case, tools that facilitate remote work are on the rise.

Would you be able to guess the favorite tool of remote workers today without reading further? Probably yes - email. The second most used tool? WhatsApp. One drawback of the latter is that, for example, you cannot make WhatsApp calls from your computer.

Facebook has been working on tools to make it easier to work remotely for years, and they have always seen it as a solution for a mobile, flexible, and geographically independent future. Many of these tools are just now becoming widely known:


An unknown tool for many, it...

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