The remote work of the future 👩‍💻👨‍💻

From AdsAccelerator we observe that the crisis of the COVID-19 is supposing a radical change of mentality of the current businesses, having been practically forced to evolve to the remote work to be able to continue operating.

Such a change in behavior and needs always ends up either being compensated with new solutions and tools or by increasing the use of those already available on the market. In any case, tools that facilitate remote work are on the rise.

Would you be able to guess the favorite tool of remote workers today without reading further? Probably yes - email. The second most used tool? WhatsApp. One drawback of the latter is that, for example, you cannot make WhatsApp calls from your computer.

Facebook has been working on tools to make it easier to work remotely for years, and they have always seen it as a solution for a mobile, flexible, and geographically independent future. Many of these tools are just now becoming widely known:


An unknown tool for many, it has been gaining popularity strongly in recent months. Imagine all that Facebook has to offer, but within an independent and exclusive ecosystem for the company and its workers - that's Workplace.

Sure, you can use other means to communicate with your co-workers, but who hasn't opened up email or WhatsApp and gotten lost in messages from people outside the workplace? And that's when our productivity and focus suffers.


Another unknown to the general public. This is a device specifically created for intelligent 1 on 1 video calls and conferences. Why "intelligent"? The camera follows you when you move. Just check it out in action on YouTube.

You can use it for WhatsApp (without a mobile phone), for Messenger and with Workplace. Some may ask "why do I want another camera and screen when I can do the same with my mobile and save money? Flexibility to move, quality, and to transmit more professionalism. Whoever needs those, finds them with Portal.


Unlike Portal and Workspace, who doesn't know Oculus by now? One of the largest suppliers of Virtual Reality devices in the world. Its use is mainly associated with video games, but more and more (big) companies are starting to use it as a working tool and, above all, staff training.

We say "big", because the current Virtual Reality solutions are being very tailored and personalized to these companies (DHL, Johnson & Johnson...) and at the moment they have hardly any outlets for the general use. We believe that this is going to change little by little over time and useful and accessible tools will come out for medium and small companies and for the education sector.

What use can an individual professional make of Oculus? If someone is bored of working from the same place, they can use  Oculus and work from the beach, mountain or forest without leaving home.

Remote vs. traditional work

At AdsAccelerator we think that in general, remote work is much more productive and efficient than traditional work, and we'll explain why. Of course, we are not referring to local businesses that have no other choice, but rather to office work.

Probably the main reason why a company prefers to have workers in an office is the control them. The same type of control in remote work is a more complicated matter as you can't see if the person is working or not.

What can be done in these cases? Control by goals rather than by hours worked - you have to do X in the estimated time Y. That the workers want to do X in more time than estimated or to hurry to finish it earlier and take advantage of the free time in his own way? It is their decision.

After all, what matters to a business is that important activities and tasks are completed in a realistic time frame, not that a worker is physically present at the job from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Remote working practically forces to make better decisions in this direction, which ends up increasing companies' efficiency and even its effectiveness.



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