The Future of E-Commerce is actually C-Commerce (Conversational Commerce)

c-commerce e-commerce Nov 07, 2019

You already know the what’s the next step in E-Commerce. Maybe you didn’t know it by how marketers call it but it’s very, very probable that you’ve already been in touch with it. Where? When? On your mobile, when you were having a chat conversation with a company about the product or service you were interested in. Yes, that’s C-Commerce in a nutshell.

Now more than ever convenience is king. We want it effortlessly; we want it fast and we want it now… or a bit later. Basically, when it’s the right time for us. Businesses that can’t adapt to this trend are, well, losing business.

People don’t want the hassle that comes with calling and being sold via phone. Customers are more informed than ever and what they want is an answer to their questions, straight to the point. Mobile texting offers that on a plate. Between 35% and 64% of shoppers have messaged a business during the last holiday season, and the tendency is on the rise.


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