Lead Generation with Facebook & Instagram vs Web & Landing Page 馃Р

lead generation Jul 08, 2020

Most people tend to associate Facebook advertising with eCommerce, but the reality is that more than half of the businesses use Facebook and Instagram Ads for different purposes.

Their goal is not direct sales, but lead generation - getting data such as phone and/or email from interested people to contact them later through sales reps or integrate them into an email marketing funnel. There are two main ways to get leads:

1. Using a Facebook Lead Generation Campaign so prospects can leave their info in its highly customizable form without having to leave the Facebook or Instagram app.

Advantage: The cost per lead is usually very low and you can get many leads with relative ease. The key is that since users are already registered in the app, Facebook already has their contacts and when they click on the ad, important data such as email or phone number is already filled in so that the user does not have to do anything but press a button.

Disadvantage: The...

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