Customer Behaviour 馃

audience strategy May 05, 2020

The most important element for the success of an advertising campaign is the audience we choose to show our products or services to. You may be selling the best coats in the world at the most competitive price on the planet, that if you offer it to a person who lives in a tropical area where the temperature does not drop below 30 degrees Celsius… good luck selling that (exaggerated but serves as an illustrative example).

Within the audiences themselves, one of the elements that most influence our strategies are their behavior. If a person goes from being shopaholic to become a minimalist, their buying habits will change radically (another exaggerated but also very illustrative example).

 If the habits of our clients change drastically, we will notice it the same way it is happening with the current economic situation. Of course, companies are no exception since they are made up of people and depend on the behavior of their own customers.

There is no magic pill that...

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