Paid Advertising during a Crisis 馃毃

advertising crisis Mar 26, 2020

For all of you who are already doing FB Ads and you are noticing drops in your sales or increase in your CPAs, we have to understand that Facebook Ads is not something isolated from the rest of the world, so as part of the global economy, situations like Coronavirus can and will affect the performance of any business.

Those of us who manage FB and IG Ads accounts, our own or those of clients, is in the attention market and when there is something that "kidnaps" that attention as strongly as the Coronavirus, all sectors suffer, whatever we sell. The ones who have even more business right now, appreciate it and enjoy it.

Depending on the type of service or product that we offer, there are businesses that are noticing a rise in sales (info-products) and another that, on the contrary, are going through difficult times (retail, tourism).

Whatever we do, it is important not to expect our KPIs to be the same as they were a couple of months ago because nobody has enough budget to fight the...

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