6 FB & IG Ads commonly Overlooked Mistakes 鉁嬸煆烩槤馃徎

ads mistakes Jun 24, 2020

While Facebook and Instagram Ads provide your product or service with a big, responsive audience, you have to avoid some of these classic mistakes when handling ads. 


Short Term Sight > Long Term Problems

Sometimes, an ad campaign is not sustained. Because the long haul is not considered, the ads come out shortsighted and may result in future inconsistencies. Sometimes it’s just that, shortsightedness. Most often it’s a superficial and impatient approach to doing ads.

A case we see very often: somebody not believing in ads and with zero skills decides to give it a try because he/she sees and hears everywhere about them and maybe is even in touch with people doing them properly. The person invests 1000-3000 euros in ads, sees no results, and go backs to the belief that ads don’t work or they are not for their business.

Having an unlimited ad budget and good intent is not what makes an ad campaign profitable. The only thing that budget guarantees...

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