Gift Cards and Orders through IG Stories 🎟️🌯

This short article is especially relevant for the restaurant sector, one of the most affected by COVID-19. If the business cannot be opened to the public, what can be done?

Well, have you heard of the expression "if the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Mohammed will go to the mountain"? Food delivery and online orders are on the rise as it is too convenient a solution to ignore. Plan B, now that people can go for a walk again, is to have the customer pick up the order on their own.

Instagram offers us tools that adapt perfectly to this growing need. Did you know you could create digital Gift Cards for your business in just a few clicks? Did you know that you could allow your customers to place orders directly through your Stories? If you didn't know, your clients probably wouldn't either.

Perhaps your audience is more than willing and happy to help your business through these options. Inform them with some Stories and make it easy for them to order or purchase a Gift Card....

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