The KPIs that really matter

kpis Nov 10, 2020

Sometimes, we encounter customers who are incredibly happy because their ads are being seen by tons of people or because they are having tons of sales - they feel proud of impacting other people with something they have created.

Also, sometimes we get customers who are happy because of the cheap CPM (cost per mil impressions), cheap traffic, and the cheap cost per engagement they are getting.

While being happy is always preferable and there is nothing wrong with it, it is crucial to be happy about the right things… and about the right KPIs. Let us reflect on some of the previous examples.


Having cheap cost per engagement and lots of traffic

It’s your first campaign, you followed the favorite instruction of the free Facebook Marketing “Expert” you may have had a call with and who recommended you doing Traffic or engagement campaigns, and you start seeing a lot of movement: tons of people coming to your website and tons of people liking &...

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