Take advantage of the new features of Facebook Stories

Christmas is almost here and with it, an interesting amount of business opportunities to which we recommend you get the most out of it. For this reason, it is time for you to activate your holiday campaigns so you can achieve that.

It is no secret to anyone that the December season is a very commercial time due to the great demand that exists during this last period of the year with many, many consumers.

For this reason, Facebook has taken the initiative of launching two novel features in its ’stories’ with the intention of helping companies to increase their sales during this holiday season. Want to know what they are?

What are the novelties that Facebook brings for the benefit of your company?

Facebook is always on the vanguard. They always try to renew and this time, they want to do it in the commercial market during the next holidays. To this end they have designed a new set of customizable templates, aimed especially for use in the ‘stories’ of their...

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