Take advantage of the new features of Facebook Stories

Christmas is almost here and with it, an interesting amount of business opportunities to which we recommend you get the most out of it. For this reason, it is time for you to activate your holiday campaigns so you can achieve that.

It is no secret to anyone that the December season is a very commercial time due to the great demand that exists during this last period of the year with many, many consumers.

For this reason, Facebook has taken the initiative of launching two novel features in its ’stories’ with the intention of helping companies to increase their sales during this holiday season. Want to know what they are?

What are the novelties that Facebook brings for the benefit of your company?

Facebook is always on the vanguard. They always try to renew and this time, they want to do it in the commercial market during the next holidays. To this end they have designed a new set of customizable templates, aimed especially for use in the ‘stories’ of their platform, in addition to Messenger and Instagram.

The results that the ‘stories’ have had have been incredible and for this reason, Facebook has overseen designing these visually effective templates that will allow you to show the content of your offers.

To be able to do it, Facebook has taken care to teach you how to do it, putting at your disposal an interesting number of tutorials so that you do not have any complications in quickly adapting to this new commercial strategy.

You have the possibility to access the new Stories templates in Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook has provided a step-by-step guide here, but the main steps are:

  1. Create your image ad at the Ads level.
  2. A pop up will open (you can also reach the pop up by choosing the ‘’Edit” button above Ad Preview).
  3. Choose 'Select a placement to customize' and then select Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories or Messenger Stories.
  4. Choose 'Change Template' to choose a template. Preview your ad on the right.

In addition to this, Facebook will also provide you with options for you to personalize your content, with different options available like the change of background, music and other elements that will be very successful.

What does Facebook intend with the new private message method?

The interactions between brands and consumers have grown incredibly through well-developed messages, so this is one of the reasons why messages on platforms such as Instagram have increased considerably.

All this without even mentioning the personalized treatment, which has been beneficial for all the companies that have adopted it, which is one of the reasons why the amount of messages on Instagram has increased.

What is the influence that Facebook has in the commercial market?

According to studies conducted by Facebook, millions of companies use their platform during each month with the intention of selling and buying different products.

Precisely for this reason, Facebook may be able to have a great influence on the strategies carried out during this last quarter of the year, with the objective of benefiting the business of many companies.

The tools that Facebook makes available to companies will help them expand their knowledge towards digital marketing, allowing many companies to benefit from these new commercial incorporations through the platform.

In addition to this, it will also help companies to get rid of the dependence that a single network represents.

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