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content custom instagram Jan 14, 2020

Having a lot of followers is nice, but ... for what? For those of us who use Instagram for our business, the answer is very clear - to increase sales of our product or service. Every product or service covers a niche in the market, a niche that is made up of a certain group of people with similar preferences and needs, not all people on the planet.

Absurd example: if we are dedicated to selling football balls, but most of our fans are interested in basketball, we are doing something wrong. That is why it is very important that from the beginning we create personalized content for the audience that we want to attract and maintain. Several tips on how to do it:

Look at trends and patterns when analyzing the metrics of your Instagram account

You have posted a post and it has given you good results. What made it happen? What has influenced the results? Write down your hypotheses and test them in future publications to see if you were right or not. Repeat the process for months and you...

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