iOS 14 & the 8 events per domain

domain verification Feb 23, 2021

In the Newsletter of February 9th, we talked about domain verification, whose main objective was to prepare our business for the changes brought about by Facebook's adaptation to iOS14.

A secondary objective, if you remember, was to reduce the possibility of being blocked by Facebook, an objective that was shared in the February 16 Newsletter, on business verification, which is something different.

Domain verification is a previous step to be able to configure the 8 most important conversion events of our website. If we have not done it correctly, you won't be able to implement the instructions in this article.

It should be noted that there is a limit of 8 events per domain, regardless of whether they are standard or custom events. That is to say, if we have several different Pixels in the same domain, we will not be able to choose 16 events (if there are so many), but 8.

So, why do you have to make this configuration? Because if you don't do it, Facebook will do it for you....

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Domain Verification

domain verification Feb 09, 2021

Today's article is a reminder of something you should do as soon as possible in case you're already doing Facebook and Instagram ads. If that's not you yet, it's something you'll have to do when you get on board.

Imminently and triggered by the new privacy regulations coming with Apple's iOS14, Facebook will reduce the number of conversion events we are using to 8.

If we are using less than 8 events on our website, this update should not worry us. In any case, it is still highly recommended to verify the domain as this will save us from possible blocks by Facebook.

If we are using more than 8 events on our website, Facebook will decide on its own the ones it considers most important and will leave the rest on the bench. If any event that we are optimizing for in our campaigns is on the bench, those campaigns will be stopped.

The domain verification will allow us to manually choose the 8 most important events for us, anticipating the changes, Facebook's criteria, and avoiding being...

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