5 tips when adding text to your Stories

As promised, second week, second step of the 5 steps series to create interesting and engaging Instagram stories.


5 tips when adding text to your Stories

A good design is VERY important, either to paint a picture or to create Stories. There are influencers and companies that dedicate to what looks like a totally improvised Stories hours and hours of work. We do not say that everyone should do it since not everyone has time for it, but there are small elements that once you get the hang of it cost very little to do. One of those elements is the use of the colors of the text that we use in our Stories.

  1. Don't use boring colors! Be creative! Try to match what you're showing. Are you showing an exquisite salad? Use green text or the color on the opposite side of the famous color wheel to give it contrast!
  2. Consider the background color of your video or image when giving color to your text. Do you want me to stand out? Do you want it to barely be seen? Whatever it is, the important...
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