Advertising costs fall by up to 25% 馃搲

With the Coronavirus crisis and more people than ever spending a lot of time at home and on the networks, the use of Facebook and Instagram has increased so much that there have such spikes in connections that they even have caused problems some technical problems to Facebook apps.

In any other context than that of the crisis, more users would have meant more conversions and the gradual increase in the price of ads, which has been the case in recent years. What happens, on the contrary, is that there are more users, but they are converting less.

Businesses, in general, are spending less on advertising and this has caused ad costs to follow a downtrend. The Cost per Mille on Facebook and Instagram has dropped between 15-25% in the last month.

The big question: how to take advantage of this situation now that ads cost less and less?

In a previous article, we mentioned that for the companies that could afford it, an effort had to be made not to stop advertising 100% since the recovery...

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