El 2潞 de los Power5 de Facebook

Ubicaciones Automáticas. Ya está dicho, no más intrigas. Sabemos que sabes lo que es y sabemos que lo usas (si haces publicidad en Facebook), probablemente, con un formato de anuncios 1:1 o 4:5. ¡y es que es super conveniente! Especialmente si no quieres pasar mucho tiempo preparando la campaña perfecta, ya que la perfección tiene un precio muy alto - requiere mucho más tiempo.

Además, el uso de formatos de anuncios 1:1 o 4:5 con Ubicaciones Automáticas no decidirá la vida y la muerte de tus campañas de publicidad o decidirá si tu producto o servicio es digno de sobrevivir y/o prosperar en un mercado competitivo. Ir a por el formato perfecto para cada ubicación es más una estrategia de escalamiento para un negocio validado.

En el último correo electrónico dimos algunos consejos sobre cómo aminorar los desperfectos de la herramienta CBO,...

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2nd member of the Power5

Automatic Placements. That's it, no more intrigue. We know you know it and we know you use it (if you run ads). Probably, with a 1:1 or 4:5 ad format. It's just so convenient! Especially if you don't want to spend too much time setting up the perfect campaign, as perfection comes at a high time cost.

Also, using 1:1 or 4:5 ad formats with Automatic Placements won't make or break your ad campaigns and decide if your product or service is worthy of surviving and/or thriving in a competitive market. Going for the perfect format for each available placement is more of a scaling strategy for a proven product/service.

In the last email we gave you few tips on how to make for the flaw of CBO campaigns, so here are few tips on how to make for the flaws of Automatic Placements. First of all, which are those flaws?

  1. Not being able to do super vertical 9:16 ads for top placements as Stories. Solution? You can have a different ad set with just Stories as placements. 
  2. Similar to CBO,...
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Facebook's Power5

cbo power5 Nov 22, 2020

Sometimes we half-joke that artificial intelligence (a real one) will leave us without a job.

While no one knows how long we can continue using this joke, in Facebook Ads, there are already a number of tools that make life much easier at the level of managing our advertising campaigns and making online advertising much more accessible to anyone interested.

Some of these tools are more recent than others, but it has not been until a few days ago that Facebook has decided to do little marketing and has named them as follows:

We have decided to take advantage of the fact that there are just 5 days left until Black Friday, dedicating each of these days to commenting on one of the tools referred to in Power5, starting with Campaign Budget Optimization, better known as CBO.

If you still don't know what CBO does, we explain it with an example. You have 10,000 euros and you want to have it deposited in the bank that offers you the highest interest. Bank "A" gives you 1%, bank "B" gives you...

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