Facebook will limit the number of active ads at the same time

ad limits Sep 13, 2020

We've probably heard the phrase "less is more" or "more is not always better. The point is that this is an expression that we could perfectly use when deciding how many different ads to create and test in our advertising campaigns in order to sell our products or services.

All things considered, having too many ads is not something that most businesses using Facebook are guilty of. Just as there are far more SMEs than large and medium-sized businesses, most businesses using Facebook and Instagram Ads are rather small.

The advertising practices of these businesses are often at the other, more damaging end - creating as few ads as possible to at least get the ad campaigns going. Most common reasons? Lack of time and budget.

Normally we would talk about the latter and the great importance of trying out different creatives, but today the circumstances are different as Facebook has decided to implement a limit of ads that we can have running at the same time in our advertising campaigns....

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