Business Verification

business verification Feb 16, 2021

Has your ad account ever been blocked by Facebook for no apparent reason? Welcome to the club. Read on.

Never had this happen to you and would like to continue the streak? Then this may and should be of interest to you.

In last week's Newsletter, we talked about domain verification for our business's website, something that from now on (thanks to iOS 14) is practically mandatory for anyone who wants to use Facebook Ads optimally.

Today we talk about business verification, which while not as urgent as the above, we strongly recommend that it be carried out to reduce the possibility of us suffering unnecessarily at the hands of Facebook's capricious algorithm, in charge of preventive blocking, also known as "just in case blocking".

To give you an idea, business verification would be like wearing a reflective yellow vest, as journalists do in the middle of a protest that has gotten out of hand and with riot police handing out "love" all over the place.

That being said, if you're...

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