Interactivity for the win! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

Fourth week! The end of the five-step series to create interesting and engaging Instagram stories is coming!


Interact with your audience!

Today the interactivity is King, and the trend will only increase. Hence the growing success of Conversational Marketing. We are human beings, social beings - we carry the desire to relate to with other people in our blood. The more and better connection and relationship, the better. Allowing users who follow us more interactivity with us or our company influences in a very important way the connection we create with them. They cease to be simple consumers of our product or whatever we offer, and they start to feel more heard, more respected, more loved. How can you take advantage of this human nature and the technology provided by Instagram?

Here 6 tips:

  • Perform live sessions. Show more real, more authentic content. Let people see that this is not a 5-minute show for which you have been preparing an entire month. Make your followers feel...
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