Planning is everything, plans are nothing 🤔✍🏻

Let's admit it, creating content and doing it regularly squeezing the most creative side of our brain is not an easy task. Doing it week after week...

What is the most difficult part of the whole process? Those of you who already do creative endeavors, you know perfectly - the most difficult thing is to start. Once you get started, little by little and with some patience, ideas begin to sprout. In the end, we remember the hardship of getting to start as if it was a distant past, something lived in another life, although only a few minutes have passed.

To combat this effect and the procrastination that usually accompanies it, there is nothing like good daily, weekly, monthly, semiannual, annual or life planning. But hey, if what we have is an Instagram account and a business to promote, doing a weekly or monthly planning is a good place to start. Example of a result after a good planning session:

Some tips to make planning a more focused experience:

  • Think about themes: what do you...
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