New Ad Placement globally rolled out: Instagram Explore

Explore is made for you to connect with companies and creators to see their content and to shop. There are no two same Explore pages as it’s created based on individual preference. Now businesses can reach those “explorers” thanks to ads in Explore.

Here are some impressive numbers:

  • 83% of the people who use Instagram at least once per week said that it’s where they discovered new products and services they didn’t knew before thanks to the platform.
  • 1 of every 2 people using Instagram also uses Explore each month.
  • More than 200 million Instagram accounts use every day Explore.

Now advertisers can broaden their campaigns to more audiences and stay on the edge of what’s trending. They can take advantage of the user’s discovery mindset when using Explore to show them something they might like finding out.

This is how it works: a user will be exploring Instagram Explore, with its grids of images and video. If the user presses the little...

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