Attribution Change, Problems & Solutions

attribution window Jan 26, 2021

Let's get down to business. Facebook has already implemented the reduction of the attribution window, eliminating the 28-day ones. You can see the change at the ad set level, at the bottom, where it will now default to "7-day click or 1-day view":

In general, 2 types of problems are being encountered. Attached is an image of the areas of the Ad Manager that is affected so you know what we are referring to.

Problem #1

The columns of old campaigns are not reflecting correct data.

Source: Facebook bug

Solution: we have seen that activating and deactivating affected campaigns leaving several seconds of margin solves the problem in many cases.

Problem #2

The lower totals column is not adding up the values of the campaign columns.

Source: Facebook cannot show sums of campaign data with different attribution windows (28 days vs 7 days).

Solution: filter and separate campaigns according to their attribution windows so that only campaigns of the same type of attribution window...

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