5 consejos para mejorar las conversiones de tus anuncios de Facebook e Instagram

La gente consume información cada vez más deprisa. Si no somos capaces de adaptarnos a ese ritmo rápido al que se están acostumbrando y demandan, tendremos problemas.

En un estudio de Akamai de hace 3 años se vio que 100 milisegundos de tiempo de carga adicional de una web eran suficientes como para bajar sus ventas o suscripciones en un 7% y que si la página tardaba más de 3 segundos en cargar, la mitad de usuarios que entraban con el móvil se iban a otro sitio. 3 segundos!

Leído de esta manera parece poco, pero cuando estamos “en el Flow” navegando en internet, se pueden hacer muy largos. Se trata de una interrupción de nuestro Flow, y el precio a pagar por tal sacrilegio es la completa ignoración del culpable.

Permitir a los usuarios que naveguen con la velocidad que quieran hacerlo sin mermar su experiencia es muy, muy importante y no solo estamos hablando del tiempo de carga de...

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5 tips to improve your Facebook and Instagram Ads conversions

People are consuming information faster and faster. If we are not able to adapt to that fast pace to which they are getting used to and demanding, we will have problems.

A study from Akamai 3 years ago found that 100 milliseconds of extra web load time was enough to drive down sales or subscriptions by 7% and that if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load, half of the users entering with their mobile phone would go elsewhere. 3 seconds!

It seems little, but when we are "in the Flow" surfing the internet, it feels different. This is an interruption of our Flow, and the price to pay for such sacrilege is ignoring the culprit.

Allowing users to surf as fast as they want to without diminishing their experience is very, very important and we are not just talking about the loading time of web pages - it is something that affects the entire browsing experience, from start to finish.

What does this mean? That the content itself is also part of the experience, whether it's...

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Facebook Metrics that will be eliminated beginning October 2019

facebook ads Sep 13, 2019

Facebook announced that to improve their ad metrics, they are replacing several metrics with new ones that can provide more actionable information. In this post I explain in details what they will be so that you can take it into account.

October 2019
They will make several updates on the video metrics and main ads. They will remove the metrics related to the 10-second video views and rename other video metrics. They will also consolidate lead metrics.

  • Removal of 10-Second Video Views, Cost per 10-Second Video View and Unique 10-Second Video Views
  • Facebook will rename several of its video metrics to make the names clearer and more consistent. This update is just to rename the metric, there will be no changes in how these metrics are calculated.

  • Replacement of Leads (Form) metric with On-Facebook Leads channel breakdown within Leads metric

    Facebook will be removing the Leads (Form) metric, which currently exists outside of the Leads metric, in favor of an...

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Las m茅tricas que Facebook eliminar谩/modificar谩 a partir de Octubre 2019

facebook ads Sep 13, 2019

Facebook anunció que para mejorar sus métricas de anuncios eliminará o modificará algunas métricas a partir de Octubre de 2019  varias métricas por otras nuevas que pueden proporcionar información más procesable. En este post te explico en detalle cuáles serán:

  • Facebook eliminará las métricas de reproducciones de video de 10 segundos, costo por reproducción de video de 10 segundos y reproducciones de video de 10 segundos únicas

  • Facebook también va a cambiar los nombres de varias de nuestras métricas de video para que sean más claros y coherentes. Ten en cuenta que estas actualizaciones solo afectan los nombres. No habrá cambios en la forma en que las métricas se calculan. 

    Facebook reemplazará de la métrica Clientes potenciales (formulario) por el desglose por canal de clientes potenciales...

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Ad Creative for Mobile

facebook ads Sep 11, 2019

Knowing the importance that the mobile phone currently has in our lives and also the good results that we are having in the ads seen from mobile, I wanted to make a list of the main tips that you should keep in mind so that your campaign has excellent results.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Ad Creative for Mobile

1. Turn static images into video Ads and can work with sound on and off

According to a recent Facebook study, where they watched the audience's attention from mobile devices and saw that people's eyes focused more on video ads compared to static ones. This means that video ads are a great opportunity for companies to capture attention and generate brand awareness and conversions. Using the Slideshow option directly from Facebook is a very simple and quick way to create a video.

The visualization of the videos occurs in different parts of the day and in various environments, so we must take into account the option that the videos have sound and that they do not have it and...

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Create compelling video content with Ads Manager editing tools

facebook facebook ads video Jul 04, 2019

Facebook recently announced new ways to easily edit existing video with three new video editing tools: automatic cropping, video trimming and image and text overlays.

These tools are already available in Ads Manager and can help you to reduce the resources to create new video content for your campaigns. 

How to manually crop a video in Ads Manager: 

  • Upload your new Video or select a video from your library.
  • Click Customize Video to open the Edit Video window and then select the Crop tab on the left of the window.
  • Choose a desired aspect ratio. For example: 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, or 2:3.
  • Move the cropper to show the parts in your video you want to highlight. This step is optional. You can click Preview to hide the cropping grid.
  • Click Apply Changes. That´s it! Your video is now cropped!

How to Trim the Duration of a Video Ad:

  • Upload your new Video or select a video from your library.
  • Click Customize Video to open the Edit Video window.
  • From the timeline...
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How to spy on your Competitor鈥檚 Facebook Ads

The feature I'm going to talk about in this post is not new (was released a couple of months back). However, on daily conversations with E-Commerce Owners and marketers, I noticed the vast majority of them still don't know about this easy and free trick.

Since all the Cambridge Analytica scandal was uncovered, which had its decisive or critical point on March 2018, Facebook is working on being more transparent. That's one of the main reasons why the Info and Ads section was added on Facebook Fan pages. The era of "dark posts" is close.

Going straight to the point, if you want to spy on your competitor's Facebook Ads, go to their fan page and on the right side column, look at Page Transparency (normally the last one) -> See more.

By clicking "Ads From This Page" you will see the latest Ads of your competitor. 

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Clear history: the change in privacy that will impact Facebook ads

facebook facebook ads May 21, 2019

As it was announced more than a year ago, Facebook will launch in the months to come a new privacy feature called Clear History. This was a direct response to the repercussions generated after the Cambridge Analytica where the European authorities demanded a more intense focus on users data privacy.

The Clear History feature is designed to deliver more transparency for users, showing them a list of the apps and websites they have visited that employ Facebook business tools like the Facebook Pixel, SDK and API.

Impact on advertising

It is not clear yet when it will be released and how easy it will be for users to implement Clear History; so there are a lot of questions yet. Far from being an obstacle in the digital marketing world, this could be seen as an opportunity to design strategies more creative and innovative.

The feature itself will allow a stricter separation between the internet browsing and Facebook profiles for the users that choose so. In a blog post, the company...

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The Role of Facebook Ads in 2019


As many of your have already realized: The CPMs are drastically going up and up. So will Facebook Ads still be a profitable channel in the next months and years? 

Well, first of all one has do understand what is going on: 

On the one hand there are always more and more big companies like Unilver, Henkel or Johnson&Johnson who put their huge marketing budgets into Social Media. On the other hand the average Facebook user spends less and less time on Facebook. 

This is of course a terrible combination because the CPMs is determined by supply and demand, and there is consequently less supply for impressions (people spend less time on FB) but much more demand for it (big companies put their budget into it).

If this sound familiar to you and you want to know the solution to this dilema, then check out my 3min video in this blog! 

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