5 tips to improve your Facebook and Instagram Ads conversions

People are consuming information faster and faster. If we are not able to adapt to that fast pace to which they are getting used to and demanding, we will have problems.

A study from Akamai 3 years ago found that 100 milliseconds of extra web load time was enough to drive down sales or subscriptions by 7% and that if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load, half of the users entering with their mobile phone would go elsewhere. 3 seconds!

It seems little, but when we are "in the Flow" surfing the internet, it feels different. This is an interruption of our Flow, and the price to pay for such sacrilege is ignoring the culprit.

Allowing users to surf as fast as they want to without diminishing their experience is very, very important and we are not just talking about the loading time of web pages - it is something that affects the entire browsing experience, from start to finish.

What does this mean? That the content itself is also part of the experience, whether it's organic posts or paid advertising. In this case, we will focus on the latter.

Make short videos and copy

Do not make customers see or read unnecessary encyclopedias, which requires too much effort and time. Unless your goal is to test other people's patience, avoid inflating your content.

Being able to write a 100,000-word article in one sitting or talk non-stop for 1 hour is not necessarily a virtue as it depends on the information contained. People are increasingly allergic to smoke and fillers. This was tolerated when the internet was born and everything was new, but that's over now. People like to get to the point.

Nowadays, the key is to know how to transmit the message with the minimum necessary words, either in the copy of the ad or the script of the video we have prepared. Every word has to serve the main purpose of the ad.

Apart from that, we have to be able to capture our audience in the first second and retain them with a clear message that will generate the necessary interest to continue listening to the rest of the ad.

Focus on your audience

For the sake of clear illustration, let's use an exaggerated example. Let's say we sell clothing for men who love Harley Davidson stuff, but because of the way we target, our audience includes women under the age of 25.

Yes, maybe one of them wants to give a gift to her boyfriend, who happens to like the stuff, but leaving aside these exceptions, can we say that this is the right audience? Absolutely not. We'd be throwing money away unnecessarily.

If we show a boring and bad ad to a very good audience, we have a much better chance of closing a sale than if we show a very good ad to the wrong audience.

Choosing the right placement is a different story and we recommend trying and experimenting with all of them and stick to the ones that are showing better performance.

For example, the right column on Facebook may seem like a bad place for our ad considering our audience, but it may be so inexpensive compared to other placements that it doesn't make sense to dismiss it.

Quality, quality, quality

Very recently an artist in the literal sense of the word has written to us, a sculptor to be more precise. He asked us why he couldn't get off the ground and sell online despite his talent, he had no clue about the problem.

He shared his Instagram with us so that we could take a look at it. We visited his account, and the truth is that his creations were impressive. So what was the issue?

Basically, if Michelangelo were alive, using Instagram and presenting his work to the world with the same quality of photography as our artist here, he probably would be in a very similar situation.

The quality of the presentation (image, audio, video) cannot be inferior to the quality of our product or service. If our company has a product or service that's 10 out of 10 but in the presentation, we have barely scratched a 5, the feeling our audience will have is that we are close to 5.

The same thing works vice versa. A good presentation can raise the audience's perception of us beyond what's real - the classic "fake it until you make it".

Use the right campaigns

The Facebook system and its algorithm is a technical marvel but it is not artificial intelligence. It doesn't think. If you tell him to bring you traffic, he's going to bring you traffic. What's the problem? Its interpretation of our indications is literal and doesn't go beyond that.

That means we have to be very precise with the campaign objectives at our disposal because the algorithm is going to work to get specifically what we choose and within what we choose, whatever is easiest to get.

For example, with a traffic campaign, we are telling the algorithm to bring us traffic - people prone to click on ads. Are they potential customers? Some maybe, but not necessarily.

We haven't told Facebook to bring us people prone to purchase, so if this happens, it will be more of a side effect.

Instead, if we use conversion targeting, with the help of Pixel we give a signal to Facebook to find us people more likely to do a specific conversion.

Be the "unknown friend"

The technique consists of using the platform's native technology. That is, if you create ads for Stories, make them look like Stories content.

Why have we titled the paragraph "unknown friend"? Because when the ads for Stories are done properly, the first thing people will think when seeing them will be "who is this? I didn't know I had him/her among my friends" By the time they realize it, they're already listening to our message and it's too late to ignore it.

Other advantages of this trick are that it practically forces you to make free or cheap video productions unless you leave the post-editing with effects to a specialist.

Do you know how much most AdsAccelerator's ads created by Patrick cost? Just time and mental energy, no cash involved. 



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