Focus on your audience, not on yourself 馃拋

audiece sales Apr 05, 2020

Have you ever come across a salesperson who instead of talking to you to understand your needs and if you really have some problems that need a solution, what he/she does is activate a Presentation Mode and talks for minutes about how great their company is, how wonderful are their products or services, and so on? In the worst case, they won't let you or interrupt them, lest they forget the lines they have memorized. How do you feel in those moments? Do you want to continue listening to this person or do you prefer to run away? We bet it's the latter.

This reaction is completely normal. What has a salesperson who has behaved in this way shown us? That he doesn’t care about our needs and just wants to close the sale, so we make a purchase, whether we need it or not. Getting defensive in situations like this is a natural reaction since we interpret the seller as a danger that wants to convince us to buy something we don't need. What do we do with dangers? We avoid them.


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