Top Facebook Updates You Should Know 馃槈

It’s good to know that as COVID-19 continues to affect people everywhere, Facebook finds and introduces new ways to support consumers and businesses alike. Here are some of the most recent and relevant updates they've made:

Supportive Hashtags & Stickers

For this month’s Facebook update, we are happy to say that the #SupportSmallBusiness hashtag has been doing the rounds. Facebook users may use this hashtag, as well as use “in support of” tags to promote small businesses.

Basically, you can use this new tool to get your favorite business more followers and more customers. This is how it works:

  1. Find the Support Small Business sticker on Instagram (it’s together with the rest of stickers).

  2. You click on it and you write down the username of the business profile you want to tag until it shows up beneath the tag and select it.

  3. Few posts from that profile will appear, but you’ll be able to remove them by clicking on them if you don’t like...
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