Live vs Recorded 馃摷

content live recorded May 06, 2020

Recorded content is and will continue to be vitally important to most businesses as when used properly they can help deliver more value to our customers while allowing us to use our time more efficiently.

That said, recorded content always lost value with the pass of time, but its devaluation rate is growing faster due to how easy it is to replicate, store it, and to access it, while live content is getting increasingly valuable in comparison. There are many practical reasons that can answer the reason for this trend, although perhaps the greatest “culprit” is our human condition.

Does anyone imagine attending a concert of our favorite music band where the band is not going to be present at the concert and what we hear are the recordings of their songs? Surely not, even despite that the recordings would have a better sound quality and would generally be a more polished version of the songs than a live concert.

Why is this happening? People like to be connected; we like...

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