The last of the Power 5 is...

The last of the Power5 is... the sum of all the previous 4 tools. There is no new tool, just the Facebook Marketing team thinking that Power5 sounds better than Power4 (maybe the box office failure of The Fantastic 4 had something to do with it).

How did they call this one? Simplified account structure, which, to be fair, is exactly what happens when you put into use all these together:

  • Campaign Budget Optimization 
  • Automatic Placements
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Dynamic Creatives 
  • Dynamic Formats
  • Auto Advanced Matching

We have been talking about them in the last few days so feel free to check the previous 4 emails we have sent you.

The synergy they create when used together, while not being a tool per se, is a really powerful thing that makes using Facebook much less time-consuming, effective, and more accessible to business owners. Be sure to try them out!


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