Merger between Messenger and Instagram DM

instagram dm messenger Nov 05, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think how nice it would be if Instagram's chat system looked more like Messenger's or if you didn't have to leave Messenger to chat with Instagram profiles and vice versa?

Well, Facebook has taken a giant step forward in this regard. Soon, not only will Instagram's chat system have the same functionalities as Messenger, but those systems will also be interconnected with each other.

What does this mean? That, if we are on Messenger, we will be able to have a chat with someone who is writing to us from their Instagram, and vice versa.

The update, although imminent, has not yet landed in Europe. When it does, at least for the first few months, the change will not be automatically applied when updating the App. To do this, within Instagram, we must go to "Settings" and select "Update Messaging" when that option appears.

As business owners and entrepreneurs interested in selling online, this is great news since such convenient tools encourage users to spend...

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