Stickers, stickers and… More stickers! 🎊🎉🎈🎏🎠

So! Third week, third step of the five steps series to create interesting and engaging Instagram stories!

Make your viewers feel how you want them to feel

You may think that this is off topic, but what I am going to say now is pure truth and is very related to Instagram since it is a visual means to transmit messages. So, did you know that for a professional Movie or Series Editor priority number 1 is a scene that conveys the emotion that is intended to be transmitted in the best possible way? Then come the rest like the image quality, the quality of the frame and a long, etc. Why? Because we are human, and we remember emotions much better than all the rest combined. Not only do we remember emotions better, but we understand them at an incredible level and naturally since we were born. Yes, there are insensitive people in the world, but we are not talking about extreme cases (yes, they are very rare cases). Have you ever stopped to think about it? We understand emotions without...

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