Goodbye to the 20% text limit in ads

ads copy creatives text limit Sep 29, 2020

Recently we had started to have customers asking us something like this: "how come Facebook has approved this company's ad (screenshot) if they have so much text in their ad? It takes up much more than 20% of the image and I've been turned down for much less".

This was a totally justified doubt since, at the end of the day, who hasn't been rejected or limited by Facebook for an ad due to excessive text? For the most part, those who have never run Facebook Ads campaigns.

Well, from now on we will start seeing ads with much more text and, of course, we can start experiencing the same thing in our own creatives. After so many years of repression, probably more than one will let off steam by creating text-only ads.

The point is that Facebook is dedicating September to getting rid of the 20% limit and although there has not yet been an official statement open to the public, some marketers had begun to receive notifications like this:


The fact that Facebook is removing the 20%...

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