Plan for special festivities 馃帀

Normally, when we think of special sales times when consumers are more inclined to buy, what comes to mind is the end of the year festivities. The question is, why take advantage of only those days when there are more special dates and events throughout the year?

It is important to keep in mind that depending on the country where we sell, the dates of some special events may vary and that each country and region usually has its own unique events. For example, Saint George's Day, April 23rd, although it is celebrated throughout Spain, has special significance in Catalonia.

In this article, we review the most important ones (with European dates) and for which it is worthwhile to be prepared. Of course, there are special dates for specific niches such as the day of the dog, July 21, and many others. According to our niche, it is recommended that we have these dates under control. In pages like, you can see almost all the special events organized throughout the...

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