Plan for special festivities 馃帀

Normally, when we think of special sales times when consumers are more inclined to buy, what comes to mind is the end of the year festivities. The question is, why take advantage of only those days when there are more special dates and events throughout the year?

It is important to keep in mind that depending on the country where we sell, the dates of some special events may vary and that each country and region usually has its own unique events. For example, Saint George's Day, April 23rd, although it is celebrated throughout Spain, has special significance in Catalonia.

In this article, we review the most important ones (with European dates) and for which it is worthwhile to be prepared. Of course, there are special dates for specific niches such as the day of the dog, July 21, and many others. According to our niche, it is recommended that we have these dates under control. In pages like, you can see almost all the special events organized throughout the year.

By the way, what do we mean when we say, "be prepared"? It's not only about being willing to make price reductions on specific dates (which we recommend avoiding as much as possible) but to personalize our advertising campaigns as much as possible to each event. If what we can adapt to the event is the product itself, better than better.

The goal is to adjust our videos, images, and texts according to the event to make our ads as relevant as possible to our audience. For example, when Mother's Day is approaching, not everyone is thinking or knows exactly what they are going to give their mothers. Therefore, ads that are well adapted to that need are more likely to catch the attention of potential customers and encourage them to buy from us.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 27, and 30. There is no need for presentations. More than one reading this article has some product or service in mind that is waiting to buy during these dates.
  • Single's Day, November 11th. This is an unofficial Chinese holiday for singles that have gained popularity in recent years, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been doing for the last years. It is not advisable to miss it.
  • Christmas and New Year's Eve, December 25th and 31st. There are many who are waiting for gifts from Santa Claus and the last day of the year is also a good opportunity to surprise with something special.
  • Epiphany, January 6. Although it is most celebrated in Spain, it is also celebrated in other European countries.
  • Halloween and Valentine's Day, 31st October, and 14th February. Once again, no need for presentations. What is more, we have been celebrating these events long before the previous ones. Who has not bought a special garment for Halloween or, even or some chocolate to a loved one? Our ads are crucial to get the imagination of customers to fly so that the purchase does not remain in the typical.
  • Women's Day, March 8th. Much more popular than Men's Day, which is celebrated on November 19th.
  • Father's Day and Mother's Day, March 19th, and May 2nd. These dates may not be as powerful as the ones at the top of the list, but they are heavy enough to be "among the greats".

As we have already mentioned, these are the big events of the year for all companies in general. It is very advisable for each company to create its own calendar. It is something that can take only a few hours if it is done for the first time, but it will serve us for years to come.



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