How to make +10.000€ per month as a Digital Marketer

income profession service Oct 13, 2020

There are two key factors that have a direct relation to how much income you can generate as a Digital Marketer: your skill and your business model. Of course, the better you are, the more you can make, nothing new here.

Now, when it comes to different business models, some are more scalable than others and this is the same not just for Facebook and Instagram Ads, but for virtually any Digital Marketing service.

Increasing price per hour

The most obvious and straightforward method to make more money is just charging more for your services. Let's say you were charging 1000 euros per month for something that took you 10-20 hours to manage.

Time goes by, you do a good job, and you start getting more clients than you can handle so... what do you do? For example, you raise your price to 1500 euros per month. This is by far the most popular method. Keep in mind that what we are discussing here is ways to make more within your available time.

Pros: very simple to implement

Cons: the...

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