Tag products on Instagram Ads

Facebook has implemented a new function that allows us to create Instagram ads with product tags displayed.

While we have been able to tag products in our Instagram organic posts for four years now, what we can do from now on is tag products directly in the ads we create through the Ad Manager and display on Instagram as a placement. This feature will be available for the image, video, and carousel format.

The shortcut used so far by companies to take advantage of product tagging was to create an organic post on Instagram, tag the products, and do post promotion directly from the app.

Being able to do all this in one place as the Ad Manager will give us the convenience and flexibility to create more advanced advertising campaigns that seek to convert into sales, something that cannot be achieved by promoting publications.

Why might you be interested in tagging products in your Instagram ads? We'll stick with these two main reasons:

  1. Differentiation from the competition: this...
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