Why you should forget about the German, French and UK market?


Are you a Spanish eCommerce who wants to finally sell internationally? But you don’t know which countries to enter?

Well then forget about your gut feelings and rather trust strong Facebook IQ data, based on over 1 billion daily active users.

Facebook just launched their NEW TOOL to analyze the Conversion, Cost & Competition Index of new Markets. This great tool - which is still in beta - shows strong evidence that these 3 popular markets should rather be avoided: Germany, France, UK!

All of them have high competition, low conversion rates and super high costs. On the contrary you should rather focus on one of these new rising markets with low competition, high conversion rates and lower costs than in Spain: Poland, Italy, India! 

You do not believe me? Well then check it out on your own the brand new Cross Border Insights Finder tool from the Facebook IG: https://crossborderinsightsfinder.com

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