Understand your performance and audience on Instagram with this 3 steps 馃

instagram performance Jan 07, 2020

Whether as companies or freelancers, we all have certain objectives of what we want to achieve on Instagram. The most common - reach up to X followers. Peter Drucker, legend of business administration, said "you cannot manage what you cannot measure" and we cannot agree more with this. Instagram also knows how important it is to measure results and carry out an analysis, and that is why they allow us to do so with Instagram Insights.


 Step 1 - Define your goals and choose your metrics

Do you want to do branding? Use web visits, impressions, reach and followers. Do you want to be more engaged with your followers? Use likes, shares, comments and post saved. Do you want more sales? Use clicks

Step 2 - Find out if your Instagram followers have a profile like that of your target customer

To do this, of course, you must first know who follows you - something that IG Insights makes it easy for you to know...

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